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One-stop temperature swtich design manufacture

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Four core strengths

One-stop temperature swtich/design manufacture

Strong production strength

Henghao has a research and development team with more than ten years'average experience in the industry. It has strong development ability and rich experience. It can design custom temperature control switch according to customer's requirements. It has high efficiency, large scale and high production speed. It has imported more than ten sets of automatic production and testing equipment at home and abroad. It has excellent production technology and strong market competitiveness.

恒浩Bimetal Thermostat manufacturer
Certification is complete, reliable.

The thermostat, thermal protector, thermal swich, temperature controller switch produced by HengHao has got UL TUV CQC ROHS certificate,the product quality is reliable. The company has passed the ISO 9001 standard and SGS enterprise certification.

strictly abide by quality checkpoints.

Henghao has strict product inspection standards, every process of product production has professional quality inspectors to carry out product quality inspection, do not let go of any defective quality products. In the last process of production, there will be professional instruments to inspect, to ensure that the product quality of the final checkpoint.

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恒浩thermostat custom
Perfect after-sale system

Henghao temperature switch manufacturer has established a perfect after-sales system, will arrange customer service to call back after-sales enterprises from time to time, the first time to understand your business use problems. 24 hours online after-sales service, timely response to product after-sales problems.

One-stop temperature swtich


Dongguan Heng Hao Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in mainland China in 1998. Professional research and development and production of bimetal temperature controllers, temperature protectors, thermal protectors, temperature switches, temperature protectors and so on. Widely used in a variety of household appliances, lighting appliances, motors, transformers, power tools, heating appliances, instrumentation, radiators, water tanks, monitoring equipment, etc.) electrical components of the overcurrent, overtemperature safety protection temperature control.

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One-stop temperature swtich


One-stop temperature swtich

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恒浩Bimetal Thermostat
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1. The action of the bellows of the steam pressure temperature control switch acts on the spring. The spring's elastic force is controlled by the knob on the control board. The capillary is placed at t...


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